Richard Wojcik’s Funeral Chapel

Upon the death of a loved one, emotions are hard to process and paperwork can be overwhelming. In addition to providing burial and memorial services, funeral homes are a great resource for survivors. Whether or not a family chooses cremation or burial, open casket or family only, funeral homes have a plethora of resources prepared for grieving friends and family. The family of Richard Wojcik has built a funeral chapel service that provides immaculate service to family members and friends after a loved one passes away.

Many small, but important, details are traditionally completed following the death of a loved one; family members are often times too distraught and tired to concentrate, and other family members unaware of unsure as to the order of events. Sometimes it feels like there is no right decision. This is where the funeral home of Richard Wojcik steps in and provides supportive guidance and directive assistance. Some things the funeral home provides: obituary writings, service scheduling and bulletins, remembrance cards, catered meals, cremation or burial choices and timelines, liner and casket choices, transportation of the deceased and family, floral arrangements, and donation memorial accounts.

Choosing a funeral home is a very personal choice often made by the first of kin. Families may select, or not select, their funeral home based on prior experiences. Some towns home a popular funeral location. Grave site choice may be based on recommendations from the funeral home, one’s home church, or sometimes plots are purchased based on where other family members are buried. It is important to note that some directors have dealt with more child deaths than others, and are capable better cater to the needs of the family. Richard Wojcik offers services to families of deceased children, recognizing that they have passed “out of order,” so to speak and that parents especially are often too fatigued to make important decisions quickly. In these cases selecting chapels that understand the requirements of grieving parents and family, can make a horrific situation a little easier in the days following the death.

Embalming is an additional service offered by funeral homes in an attempt to preserve a body when buried. In all but a few select situations, embalming is not required by law in the United States or Canada. However, it should be noted that some funeral home arrangements are made easier with embalming, such as an open casket. Embalming includes fixating the mouth in a closed, central position and generally provides makeup and hair as included or additional services.

Richard Wojcik uses his knowledge from over 30 years experience to provide the best care and personalization he can in his funeral home, from start to finish. He and his family are aware that times funeral homes are called are not under the best of circumstances and people are not always able to comprehend details to properly make decisions. This is where his staff, who are not pressured for sales commissions, step in to help families embrace some of their hardest days.